FINAL animation

For my final i did a rotoscope of Billie Eilish's music video "when the party is over" specifically, the part where the black tears are running down her face. when i first saw this scene i was very captivated by the practical effects. i though that it looked incredible, way better than anything any animation can do. however, ironically almost, this is what drove me to make an animation about it, specifically focusing on the eyes and ink, which i thought were most beautiful.

to be completely honest, i don't think this project turned out that great for multiple reasons. the main one being burn out. after completing my senior show, which i wanted to include in this final, i was really pushing to complete the rest of my work for my other classes. the artisanal animation class and  my film theory class were very work heavy and thus my energy has been very thin trying to finish up. i wanted to put more time into this project but i just ran out of steam. i wanted to include up till she starts rubbing her face with the ink, but i ended up only doing 4 seconds of rotoscoping. i intend to finish this project once i'm home and have settled into my new life outside of college because i still like where its going and i think its fun, but it unfortunately could not be finished for the end of this class. i also messed up multiple times alone the way that forced me to start over. in the end i still messed up because half way through there is a different weight/ line thickness to the drawing and i was not about to go back and redo all those frames. honestly it was my fault it happened in the first place i should've been paying more attention.

I'm going to keep making animations after college, i was even thinking about starting a youtube channel about it to just get more practice in and also create a blog of sorts. I'm also still interested in using robotics as I've done in the past to make art, so i will also continue to work on that in the future. theres a lot i want to fix and continue to work on with other projects I've done in my years at Lawrence so i want to call this final a sketch and just chalk it up to that.

please check out my senior show at the Wriston Art Gallery up till June 30th! its a really good show, if you go see it your really in for a treat!
thanks for a good term and a great year
Alexis Clodfelter
show installation


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